Registered Agent Service

Simply stated, a Registered Agent is an individual or company appointed to receive service of process on behalf of a legal entity (a corporation).  They serve as your company's physical presence in the State it is incorporated and/or operating in.   

In the State of Nevada, legal entities registered with the Nevada Secretary of State are required to have a Registered Agent at all times. In order to qualify as a Registered Agent, the individual or company must be physically located in the State of Nevada and they must be available to receive service of process (notice of litigation).

A good, quality Nevada Registered Agent will be a vital asset to your company. They will know exactly how to handle any and all documents they may receive relating specifically to your company. In addition, they will also know the ins and outs in working with Nevada entities. Thus, they can provide you with valuable information that can save you both time and money. 

When you choose Nevada Business Services to serve as your Nevada Registered Agent, you are selecting a hard working team that is dedicated to providing true, quality service. We are here to help when ever you need us and we are always willing to answer any questions you may have. 

Our services are specifically designed with your needs in mind. All documents we receive are handled in a timely, professional, and confidential manner. In addition, with our Registered Agent Service you will receive:

  • Free mail forwarding of all State and Federal documents
  • Notification of all filing requirements for your Nevada entity (to help you avoid late fees imposed by the Nevada Secretary of State).
  • Immediate notification if your company is ever served
  • Amazing customer service from a team that wants to work with you