General Questions

What is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent is a person (or entity) that is authorized to accept Service of Process on behalf of a corporate entity. In order to qualify as a Registered Agent, you must be physically located in the State that the entity is incorporated in. For example, if your entity is incorporated in Nevada, you would need to have an Agent located in the State of Nevada. 

Registered Agents are also commonly referred to as Resident Agents.

Why am I required to have a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent is required by law to make sure that a company can be located and served in the event legal action is ever taken against it.  

What services does a Registered Agent provide?

The primary function of a Registered Agent is to receive service of process on behalf of a corporate entity. Most Commercial Registered Agents will offer services in addition to receiving service of process, but these services can vary widely depending on the company. 

To see a list of services we offer which are included with your Registered Agent package, please visit our Nevada Registered Agent page.

Do I need to have a Registered Agent?

This is a great question that we receive quite often. All entities incorporated in the State of Nevada need to have a Registered Agent BUT they don't necessarily need to pay for one. If an entity is physically located in the State of Nevada and has someone available to accept Service of Process, they can elect to act as their own Registered Agent, thus eliminating the need to pay for the service.

On the other hand, if an entity is incorporated in the State of Nevada and is physically located in a different State, it would need to have a Registered Agent (preferably Nevada Business Services) in the State of Nevada acting on it's behalf.

Can I change my Registered Agent?

Absolutely! You can change your registered agent when ever you would like to. The process is quite easy as well. Be sure to read our Change of Registered Agent page for detailed information about the process. 

Do I have to live in Nevada to incorporate in Nevada?

Of course not! That's why we're here actually. If you reside outside of the State of Nevada, you are more than welcome to incorporate here.

If I incorporate in Nevada, do I have to pay State income taxes?

This is a very common question we get, and it falls into the "Myths" category (read more about Nevada Myths). 

Answer: It depends.

If your entity is physically located and operating in the State of Nevada then no, you will not have to pay State income taxes on the money you make from your business. The reason is because the State of Nevada does not currently impose a State income tax on its residents.

It is important to note however, if your Nevada entity is operating out of any other State, and that specific State has personal income tax laws, then yes, you will still need to pay those taxes.

Can I incorporate without an attorney?

Absolutely. Actually, this is a common misconception many people have when creating a corporate entity which can cost them a lot of money. Truth be told, in the State of Nevada there are no laws that require a licensed attorney to handle the formation of your entity.

What is the Corporate Veil?

The corporate veil is a legal concept created by the corporate laws of a given State. It refers to the laws that are put in place to keep your personal assets separate from the assets of your entity. In the event that a corporate entity is sued, a strong corporate veil (like Nevada's) will help to ensure only the assets of the corporation are at risk while your own personal assets remain safe.